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Since 2013

Welcome to the definitive self-supported bicycle races across Europe.

We run beautifully hard bicycle races. Simple in design but complex in execution. Self-reliance, logistics, navigation and decision-making burden racers' minds as well as their bodies. The strongest excel and redefine what we think possible, while many experienced riders target only a finish.

The self-supported bike race across Europe

The Transcontinental Race (TCR) was founded in 2013 by the late Mike Hall, a giant of the ultra distance cycling scene. It is a single stage race across Europe where cyclists cover around 4000 km.

Race across the Pyrenees... and back again

The Trans Pyrenees Race (TPR) is a self-supported ultra distance cycling event, which traverses the Pyrenees from coast to coast, and then back again. The race covers up to 2000 km of the most spectacular and remote scenery in the Pyrenees.

Our fixed route Balkan off-road race

The Accursed Race (TAR) is a no-fly, 1600 km fixed route, off-road race in the Balkans. The Accursed is the result of years of knowledge built up by Lost Dot in this breathtaking corner of Europe — exploring Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Kosovo.


The foundational principle of all of our races. Find out what self reliance means to us and why it's such a powerful idea.

Mike Hall

The man who started it all. Mike Hall devised the Transcontinental Race and ran all editions until his tragic death in 2017. Find out all about the inspiring maverick whose spirit remains the beating heart of everything Lost Dot do.

Lost Dot

We preserve and nurture Mike Hall's legacy of fair and self-sufficient racing, championing integrity, equality and inclusivity, creating opportunities for unique and beautiful journeys of self discovery to share with as many people as possible.

We made a book

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