Pre-orders of the official Transcontinental book are now available (worldwide shipping available).

The book gathers together the best stories from the first 10 editions of the race, from Kristof Allegaert, the first winner, and Juliana Buhring, the first woman to finish the race, through to the achievements of Fiona Kolbinger, the first woman to win the race outright, and to Christoph Strasser, the current man to beat, via a thousand tales of determination, digging deep and pushing limits from the pointy end of the race to the lantern rouge.

The book brings together stunning images from the photographers who have documented the race over the years, behind-the-scenes stories to give a true taste of the race from the inside, and in-depth essays from Anna Haslock, Josh Ibbett and more.

Full of triumph and tragedy, the book will also be a tribute to TCR founder Mike Hall, who died in 2017 while racing in Australia, and to his founding principles of integrity, autonomy, community, history and technology.

Release is scheduled for mid-November. Links below to buy your copy.

TCRNo8 Photographer: Tomas Montes