Our fixed route Balkan off-road race

The Accursed Race (TAR) is a no-fly, 1600 km fixed route, off-road race in the Balkans. The Accursed is the result of years of knowledge built up by Lost Dot in this breathtaking corner of Europe — exploring Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Kosovo.

Upcoming race:
Race date:
May 14, 2024
Rider applications open:
November 21, 2023
Rider application deadline:
January 31, 2024


The foundational principle of all of our races. Find out what self reliance means to us and why it's such a powerful idea.

The Legend of the Accursed Mountains

Once upon a time there dwelt a mother and her young family. Their home was a haven of serenity. However, a cruel twist of fate meant that the family had to flee, seeking refuge amidst the towering heights of the forbidding mountains.

As they embarked upon their treacherous journey, the unforgiving terrain greeted them with unyielding brutality. Jagged rocks, like the fangs of ancient beasts, gnashed at their weary feet. The blistering sun scorched their backs, while the torment of thirst clung to them like a shadowy spectre.

The mother, her heart heavy with concern for her beloved children, cursed the mountains for all of time, and permanently imprinted her unbreakable spirit into every rock, peak, and slope, for eternity.

Clouds gathered and darkened the sky, and bolts of lightning struck at the peaks surrounding them. Rain began to pour forth, quenching the parched earth and the mother gathered the precious liquid in her hands and bestowed it upon her children.

Together, they pressed onward, their spirits fortified. As they escaped the mountains, the children, despite the trials they had endured, found themselves forever changed, their spirits tempered in the crucible of adversity, and their love for their mother boundlessly deepened.

Year after year, as the seasons spin on, the ancient spirit of the Mother remains, a benevolent guardian of the mountains. Now, independent and intrepid souls hear her call, drawn by their unyielding spirit and a burning desire to test their mettle against terrain and elements.

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