The Rules

The Transcontinental is a race from point A to point B, via control points on a bicycle for solo or pair riders without any dedicated assistance. It’s pretty simple really and to reflect that we keep our rule book simple; one page, ten rules.

They are few but we expect them to be taken seriously.

The rules are designed primarily to promote safety, sportsmanship, self reliance and equality. Riders of the Transcontinental Race must abide by the ten simple rules at all times whilst racing and any rule infringements will be taken seriously by the organisers. Our founder Mike Hall developed what has become the 'Spirit of the Race', an ethos of fair play that all our riders aspire to.

Race Directors Andrew Phillips and David Ayre at the TCRNo9 rider briefing.

All riders must meet these 10 rules in order to be awarded a completion and finishing time for the Transcontinental.

General Classification // Race Finish

We award two types of finish for the Transcontinental Race, a CATEGORY FINISH and a COMPLETION. The objective is to distinguish and reward those riding a true solo or pairs effort, therefore qualifying for a position in their chosen classification.  This qualification for the CATEGORY FINISH requires a higher level of scrutiny over the basic Rules and therefore a higher level of diligence from riders. Put simply...

  1. If all 10 RULES are observed then riders are awarded a COMPLETION and are included in the register of finishers, listed in time order.
  2. If, as above, all RULES are observed AND the conditions for QUALIFICATION are met then riders will be awarded a CATEGORY FINISH and be given a finishing position in the general classification for solo or pairs and as well as being listed in the register of finishers.

In the presence of doubt Rules compliance is generally assumed, qualification must be proved. If a category finish is desired it is in the rider’s interests to actively avoid doubt. Where evidence of rule infringements is present the organisers will act accordingly.

Conditions for Qualification

Riders will qualify for Solo or Pairs general classification if:

  1. They begin and finish the race under the same classification (solo or pair).
  2. They remain self-sufficient for the entire duration of their ride.
  3. They validate at controls within the time of operation.


A solo finish is regarded as a finish ‘with honours’ and qualifies riders to contest the overall General Classification. (A rider cannot win the Transcontinental if they do not qualify a solo finish)

Pairs Riders

In the pairs category riders in the pair act as a unit and may share food, equipment, information and resources between themselves and help each other including riding in each other’s slipstream but no support is to come from outside the pair and resources cannot be shared outside the pair.


Riders who do not validate at controls within their designated times of operation by definition lose contact with the validation procedure provided by the event. Transcontinental does not operate a ‘cut-off’ for these riders by which they are not included in the event listings but also cannot provide basic contact to give even the minimum assistance at controls.  Riders in this category are not held to the same degree of scrutiny as category finishers and an official race time (D // H // M) is not awarded.


The ‘dot’ is a marker on our map which symbolises a GPS tracking unit that each rider carries on their bike. This ‘Spot’ device marks the rider's last transmitted position and tracks their progress. It is a rider’s responsibility to look after their tracker and maintain its signal or collect evidence of their ride to prove they rode in the spirit and to the letter of the rules.