No Fly

In 2022 we analysed our carbon footprint, and found that 70% of emissions are as a result of rider travel to and from races, with the vast majority of this as a result of air travel. Therefore with the launch of our newest race The Accursed, we have committed to limiting its carbon emissions by making it ‘no-fly’. This means that only riders who commit to travelling flight-free to and from the race will be able to take part.

We acknowledge that this is a difficult undertaking, and are committed to doing what we can to make this easier, more affordable, and less daunting for those involved. As such, we are doing the following:

  1. Providing 15 Low-Carbon Travel Fund (LCTF) grants of £250 to riders who might not otherwise be able to afford the travel
  2. Providing detailed information on how to travel to and from the race
  3. Arranging a coach service which we expect to run from Zagreb to Shkoder on 12th May, tickets for which will be available to riders at cost price

We have also planned the race so that the majority of riders will be able to travel, take part, attend the party, and travel back within two weeks of leave.


This is available for riders who otherwise might not be able to afford to travel to and from the race overland. We will ask about this during the application process.

Travel to and from Shkoder

Most of our participants will come from Western Europe. Therefore, we will set out possible travel itineraries from a few major cities to help you understand possible routes.

There are essentially two approaches. One via Italy, and a ferry across the Adriatic from Bari to Durres, and another via Zagreb from where our coach will transport riders to Shkoder for around €85. If you would like a place on this coach, we will ask you to indicate this on your application.

London/Paris to Shkoder

Berlin/Munich to Shkoder

Barcelona/Rome to Shkoder

Prague to Shkoder

Belgrade to Shkoder

General travel information can be found on the following sites: - ticketing through Germany and timetables across Europe - tickets and timetables across Europe - rail travel advice across the whole of Europe - French train tickets - Italian train tickets - buses across Europe - ferry services worldwide - Google maps’ public transport option can be useful